Agent Faicel Belkhir has been a part of three different law enforcement agencies and is presently a senior agent with the Fugitive Task Force Warrant Squad.

Agent Jay Colon is very experienced in law enforcement and has worked with several agencies in making arrests throughout the United States. Agent Jay Colon is also a member of our high tech surveillance team.

Agent Solomon Tempo frequently utilizes our advanced, high-tech computer system in linking with different agencies in tracking and apprehending all wanted fugitives.

Agent Carlos Vega is our team leader and he is also an international certified sharp-shooter, sniper, expert marksman. He can hit any target from hundreds of yards away.
Agent Sean McGuire is a Deputy Sheriff and has many years of law enforcement experience.
Agent Curtis Wilson is also a part of the NYPD.
Agent Edguardo Barros  is a decorated law enforcement officer who has made hundreds of arrests in different parts of the United States
Agent David Smith is in our Special Operations Division [SOD] an enforcement extradition unit, that specializes in cross-borders national jurisdiction, executing warrants, making arrest and transporting fugitives. 

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