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Fugitive Task Force

Fugitive Task Force Warrant Squad has experience with different types of arrests whether local, across state lines or national cross border operations. We have the resources to find any wanted fugitive within a short period of time.

Warrant Squad

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Many Years of Experience Amongst
Our Officers and Agents

Who We Are

Fugitive Task Force is an elite tactical enforcement apprehension team that executes warrants, on any wanted felon, throughout the United States or across borders and bring them back to justice. We have the expertise in finding any fugitive no matter where they may try to hide. Our tactical team of professional agents are highly trained and fully equipped with the proper techniques and tools to successfully capture all wanted fugitives. With many years of experience amongst the different agencies, our objective is to execute warrants where ever the job takes us. We work with several agencies in getting the job done.

Service- Integrity- Professionalism
Special Investigation Unit
Maintain Records of Active Warrants
Hours of Daily Surveillance
Executing Warrants
Apprehending Fugitives
Transporting Prisoners
Managing Prisoners
Housing of Prisoners
Unlimited Amount of Resources

Fugitive Task Force

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